The best D&D dice set is the Gamescience Polyhedral Dice Set which offers both the accuracy and fairness RPG adventureers look for. Gamescience dice are high quality, hand finished and they are indescribably nice to roll. For the best gaming dice in the six sided configuration known as D6, Chessex DICE D6 Sets are very high quality and offer almost countless color options. There are even more comparable options on the list you need to check out!

Some Dungeons and Dragons players or other tabletop RPG game players may have never given their dice set a second thought, for others, it can get very serious. For me and my group, we played for years with the same set, chips and all, until we added a new DM (Dungeon Master) to the group.

The new DM was serious about the dice sets she used, and playing with her dice collection convinced us to seek out better sets. Not only did she have great looking sets but they felt good and just seemed to roll better. Now we all have better dice and replace them every few years or after breakage.

Our introduction to playing with better dice was many many years ago and while dice superstitions have always been popular, more and more people are looking for the best D&D dice sets to use in their dice rituals and dice towers. If you are returning to the game after an extended break of many years, you are in luck as the options almost seem countless!

These days there are so many dice makers out there it is difficult searching for the best Dungeons and Dragons dice sets but over the years, many dedicated D&D players have both playtested and evaluated the dice options out there. There are a few things to consider when searching and the guide below should help your search as well as educate you on what makes some dice better than others.

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How Did We Come Up With The List

There are just a few things that we look for in a good dice set. When trying out new sets or even purchasing an old favorite we look for quality, readability, and of course how great they look!

The other thing you should be looking is fairness and accuracy. I will go into more detail in the guide but fairness pertains more to the dice shape, and accuracy is related more to the manufacturing of the dice and maintaining consistent and accurate size and weight on all sides of the dice. For instance, in regards to fairness, the best polyhedral dice will be ones that feature transitive symmetry but more on that in the guide.

If you follow these basic guidelines you will end up with a great set of dice that should last for several years of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and adventures.

How To Choose: A Guide to D&D Dice and RPG Dice Sets

When choosing a set of dice for your tabletop role-playing game adventures you really need to determine what qualities are important to you. The best game dice for you will probably not be the same for your friends.

Some people prefer a really beautiful dice set and could care less if the roll accuracy doesn’t score too high until they have a bunch of consecutive bad rolls that is. Others are quite opposite and want accurate and fair dice regardless of how interesting they may or may not look.

The Best Polyhedral Dice: Fairness and Accuracy

When speaking in terms of fairness and accuracy in dice, it is really speaking to how random the dice roll can truly be. Random rolls are what the most serious players are really after. After all, do you really feel good about your rolls if you know they are biased to a set of favorable numbers?

A dice that is deemed fair and accurate is considered to throw truly random numbers. This randomness is what keeps us D&D players in suspense and makes for some great stories during our adventures in RPG games.

Dice Fairness

The rules that are typically considered when evaluating the fairness of polyhedral dices is that each of their faces is equal in size, have the same number of vertices, and are just as likely to come up when rolled. When the dice meet these properties they are transitive and symmetric.

Mathematicians suggest that there are really only five polyhedrons (three-dimensional objects) which are actually “fair” for dice rolls by the rule set above. These five are a cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and the icosahedron.

Best Dice shapes for fair rolls

This means that beyond the D20 and the shapes above, other shapes are technically not fair dice. This is a very basic understanding of dice fairness but of course, it can be much more complicated than that. For the geeks out there check out the very interesting video below that goes down the rabbit hole of dice fairness with a Stanford professor.

Dice Accuracy

Dice accuracy is much more simple to explain but equally important as fairness. When speaking in terms of dice accuracy it is more a reference to the manufacturing of the dice. An accurate dice will be both equally weighted on every side as well as have equal size measurements on every face, edge, and angle.

Without a high degree of accuracy, even one of the five polyhedrons above may have a tendency to favor a particular side when rolled. It isn’t too hard to imagine why this is but, for example, if a dice is more heavily weighted on a particular side, gravity will always try to pull that side down more leaving the opposite side to land facing up more.

This is not only a manufacturing attribute but one that should be considered after using a set of dice for several thousand rolls. Over time they will naturally wear down deforming the shape, causing bias rolls. This along with cracks and chips affect accuracy. Another one for the geeks below is a video of Lou Zochii of Gamescience Dice explaining the importance of dice accuracy.

Now that you have a better understanding of each component you can now see why it really is important to take both together when evaluating your dice in determining how good it is.

If you want to test your dice for accuracy all you need is a good pair of vernier calipers to measure size, and a glass of water mixed with a couple of tablespoons of salt. Give it a spin and see where it lands a few different times to determine if any of the sides are unevenly weighted.


Dice: Quality, Aesthetics, Budget

The other important aspect to choosing a great set of dice is their quality and how they look. A quality set of dice should last thousands of rolls before showing any signs of serious wear. These days there are hundreds of designs to choose from made by both larger manufacturers and artists making custom one-off sets.

The choices may be endless but here is what you should look for when considering quality and aesthetics in a dice set.

  • QUALITY: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Solid materials and great workmanship make for a high quality dice set. When quality materials are used they are less prone to breaking or chipping when dropped from excessive heights onto stone-like or other hard surfaces.

    Quality materials you should look for are high-impact plastics, resins, and hard metals. These materials will resist cracks, chips, and wear better than any other material.

    Die-cast dice that are hand finished will also produce a more accurate die as the mold will always produce the proper size. Hand finishing and removal of excess material near the injection site ensures that excess material is not removed from other parts causing an unbalance.

  • READABILITY: Nice big numbers that easy-to-read and high contrast are going to make it easier on everyone. This is especially great at avoiding any questionable rolls as everyone participating can quickly and easily see the number/side it lands on. Everyone will appreciate an easily readable dice set.
  • STYLE/LOOKS: Who doesn’t want a cool dice set. There are many styles and colors to choose from and you should have no trouble looking for a set in your favorite color. Clear or translucent sets, as well as solid-colored sets, are usually more accurate. Multicolored opaque dice sets can be less consistent in regards to accuracy.

    If you want a flashy set of dice to show off but you still want to ensure they are accurate, stick with translucent, painted, or solid metal sets. These will be more consistently accurate but be warned that painted die will not be as durable.
  • BUDGET: You will notice that the price of dice varies from as cheap as $5 to well over $100 for a high quality, custom one of kind set. That said you can easily find a great set of dice for under $20 and even multi-set packs which is great for dungeon masters or having extra sets at the ready.

I hope you found the guide helpful and can go into your search much more informed than before. Now lets jump right into the list of best dice and a review of each set!

gamescience best dice

The Best D&D Dice and Tabletop Game Dice Sets – Reviews

Our list of best dice sets includes some of the most well-known brands among tabletop game players. Everyone has their favorite, but dice from Gamescience, Chessex, and Q Workshop are all favorites among RPG and D&D circles and are included in the list as well as some budget friendly sets. If you want the best chance of “true rolls” stick with sets from the top three.

If you have found a favorite set that didn’t make the list or from a smaller up and coming manufacturer be sure and drop us a comment so we can check them out ourselves. One last thing, this is not a ranked list because I believe that rating the best dice is subjective and I’m sure most will agree, but these are all best among the numerous options out there.



“Best Metal D&D Dice Set”

The Dwarven Metal 7 piece dice set from Q Workshops is one of the coolest looking and best metal dice sets out there. These dice feel so good and have a nice weighty feel to them, throwing solid rolls. These dice are very high quality and are made of solid metal with highly visible numbers carved into them.

These 16mm dice are solid and I recommend a rolling mat or surface you do not care to damage although I have never had any issue. They also seem to roll true so you can expect nice random rolls out of the set. This unique set will definitely turn heads both from their looks and the substantial sound they make when rolled!

The quality you get with this set is far above what you’d expect at the price these can be had for. If you are looking for a cool look set of metal dice I highly recommend these. Q Workshop has a whole series of metal dice but these are by far the coolest. If you are looking for metal dice a bit more plain at a slightly cheaper price check out Forged Dice Co. Metal Bronze or Paladin Roleplaying’s Metal Dice Set



“Best Dice Set For Accuracy”

Some consider GameScience responsible for popularizing accurate dice sets. They have been around since around the late ’70s and have been producing some of the most accurate dice ever since. These are one of the best DnD dice sets if accuracy is your main concern.

GameScience die are no-frills and are only found in solid colors that are either opaque or translucent, with unpainted numbers. This is due to their belief that multi-color dice are prone to being unbalanced. The video above even demonstrates as much.

These dice are also unpolished and unpainted which is also due to the fact that polishing dice in tumblers like a lot of mass-producing manufacturers do can also cause weight unbalances. Even so, there is something to be said about these dice being in such a pure form.

There is a lot of nostalgia with these but there is also credence in the accuracy claims of GameScience dice sets. If you need accurate and fair dice, grab these and start rolling true. A fun tip it using crayons to fill the etched numbers otherwise just use a paint pen.



“Best D&D Dice For Accuracy and Price”

Chessex is the other go-to dice set if you are looking for the best RPG game dice. They are often compared to Gamescience. Their Gemini line of dice are great looking and have a nice feel to them when rolling. Gemini dice are also considered among the most accurate dice. The mixed resin dice are easy to read and have straight precision edges.

The Gemini line can be found in an array of color options and while the coloring may sometimes vary the quality rarely does. If you are looking for quality, accurate dice that also look really nice, the Chessex Gemini series is definitely where it’s at.

If fair and accurate is your main concern but you really like the Gemini line, remember that sometimes multicolored resins that are swirled can sometimes have a balance issue. Personally, I haven’t had any issues with the Chessex multicolor dice but it is certainly something to consider.

Chessex also makes a very popular Borealis model that is worth checking out. They are equally awesome looking and perform quite well also.



“Best Cthulhu Dice Set”

Another great stylized dice set from Q Workshop, the Call of Cthulhu Dice are great quality dice and look really cool. If you are into great looking dice, these definitely hit the mark. They are a bit lighter than other dice but they roll nice and the quality is great.

The set contains 1 d20, 1 d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), 1 d8, 1 d6, and 1 d4 . The only complaints I have with these is number visibility is rather small and it is somewhat hard to distinguish between 6 and 9. This is partly due to the smaller size than your average DnD dice set.

The numbers are etched into the dice so you won’t have to worry about them wearing off. This set is definitely going to appeal more to players who prefer style over other attributes but overall they are a great set with quality to boot. They also roll true like most all Q Works dice sets.



“Best D6 Gaming Dice Set”

The Chessex D6 set is the best dice for anyone looking for the common d6 dice and do not the additional polyhedral shapes that are common with D&D and tabletop games. This set will give random rolls and look really cool as well.

Just as with all Chessex sets, they are very high quality and resist chips, cracks, and scratches. One D6 set should last for as long as you have them and typically only get replaced after losing them over time.

These are a perfect size, feel really good when shooting, and are definitely better looking than the traditional ivory dice. Great for any dice games only requiring the d6.



“Best for building a cheap dice collection”

If you are looking to build your collection in an inexpensive way the Chessex Pound-O-Dice is certainly a good way to do that. The set gives you approximately 100 factory-second dice. The number of dice will vary for each size.

What you get is a variety of styles and colors and may include 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 & 30 sided dice with quantities weighted in favor of d6’s, d10’s, and d20s. Colors that may show up in the pack are speckled, marble, rainbow, opaque and translucent. The set does include one full set of 7 in a random color.

If you are not familiar with factory seconds, it usually consists of dice that didn’t quite meet the quality standards to make it into an individual 7 piece set. Cosmetic blemishes don’t always mean the dice will not be accurate but it is great to keep this in mind when purchasing the set.

It is not uncommon to receive dice with air bubbles, minor surface imperfections, and other blemishes. That said if you want to build a nice collection of dice sets this is a great start. You will certainly find a few gems of the bunch you can set aside from the other dice showing much more imperfections in them.



“Best Bulk Dice Set”

This is one the best dice sets for all the Dungeon Masters out there or anyone else looking to have a few extra complete sets to their collection. This collection gives you 20 complete sets of very high-quality dice. Wiz Dice also has extremely good customer service.

This bulk dice set is very much like many other bulk sets available but the Wiz Dice set is better quality than most others and the color options are nicer in my opinion. The better quality of the Wiz Dice is noticeable, having a nice feel, balanced fairly well, and rolling nicely.

This set is great for Dungeons & Dragons and other Role Playing Games, math skills games, and just for filling out your collection with complete sets. They also guarantee the entire set to be free of flaws and will replace any dice with issues or duplication. New players and collection builders should definitely give these a try.

Dice Comparisons and More about Dungeons and Dragons Dice

As stated above Gamescience Dice and Chessex are the most well know companies for accuracy and a few different people have done extensive randomness tests to prove such. The gaming blog Gnome Stew compared the dice size deviations of several different popular dice. His findings were pretty weren’t too surprising in that Gamescience had the least deviation in size of its dice followed by Chessex.

This tells us, at least anecdotally that Gamescience and Chessex have the most quality control and more consistent manufacturing process. We also know from the videos above that more accurate dice means a truer random roll. This particular blog didn’t get into randomness testing but another dice fan did.

A dice blog no longer around once compared Chessex and Gamescience in a dice randomness test. He found them both to be quite random and his results are seen below.

Chessex vs Gamescience Dice

You can see how both are quite evenly distributed but Gamescience is certainly the most evenly distributed. Whatever dice you choose the most important thing is having fun. If you aren’t having fun with the set you have been playing with chuck them and grab you a new set.

Dungeons and Dragons Dice Usage

If you are new to DnD and need a quick guide to understand each dice pieces usage check out the diagram below.

D&D dice use diagram

I hope you found the list and guide useful. I’d love to hear what others think and if there are any up and coming brands or unique dice sets I should try out!