Do you love writing? Are you a self proclaimed “geek” or “nerd” that is consumed with the culture of video and table-top games, comics, anime, and more?

At Geek + Leisure we are super passionate about helping others by providing tutorials, guides, and other in-depth articles or news to other geeks that spend every moment of leisure time playing their favorite table-top RPG, reading comics, or really anything else you may find yourself geeking out.

It would be nearly impossible to cover ever topic of geekdom out there so we turn to our readers and fellow nerds to help share and spread that knowledge, we also know how costly it can be supporting the things we geek out over so we love to help by compensating contributors. If you are a passionate geek and you love sharing your knowledge with others you may be a perfect contributor to Geek + Leisure.

We are currently looking for experts in every category from table-top RPG’s, comic books, video games and technology, and more who can write long, thorough and actionable guides about different topics related to these topics. We understand that most of us are not usually geeked out over a single thing and want to create a destination they trust to get informative guides and tutorials for just about anything out there.

That being said, we are typically NOT LOOKING FOR COPYWRITERs, no offense. What we want is an expert who simply KNOWS THEIR STUFF, rather than one who simply reads from other sources on the Web and repackages that as his/her own work. There’s a difference between research and outright copying. We are not looking for articles with a bunch of filler content either, it should be dense with useful information.

The submission guidelines for posts would certainly not all be the same. Some guides would go on to be more than 5000 words while other articles would be less than 1200 words. The topic will really determine the length. Beautifully framed pictures to accompany your posts are also encourage, especially for tutorials.

Examples of Topics:

  • Beginners Guide To “X Topic”
  • How To “Execute X Technique”
  • Advanced Techniques/Guides to “X Topic”
  • “#” Tips to Get Started?Win X”
  • Propose Your Own Article

If this is something your are interested in send us a message via our contact form with a brief bio and area of expertise. You can also submit your article idea if you already have something in mind.

Final word, we understand there are many writers participating in “guest posting” for the purpose of back-links. We are not opposed to accepting articles that contain back-links but it is our experience that these are usually the lowest quality articles we receive and as fair warning these posts are often rejected.

We look forward to hearing from you!